Forums, feature-rich and simple.
An engine for Ruby on Rails.

Thredded Screenshot on iPhone 6 (v0.8.2)

Format your posts with Markdown by default.

Never miss an update with @-mentions, email notifications, and (un)read posts tracking.

Enjoy the fully-responsive minimalistic theme, configurable via Sass.

Find posts quickly with full-text search, using only the database.

Stop the trolls with a basic moderation system.

Thredded also has:

  • Pinned and locked topics.
  • Private group messaging.
  • (Un)read posts tracking.
  • List of currently online users, global and per-messageboard.
  • Page Speed score of 99+ / 100 in User Experience and 88+ / 100 in Speed on Mobile.

Thredded has no infrastructure dependencies other than the database.
Currently, Thredded supports SQLite, MySQL v5.6.4+, and PostgreSQL.

Thredded can be easily integrated into the rest of your Rails app as an engine, and will work with your existing auth. There is also a one-step app generator that can create a new Rails app with Thredded.

Thredded has been built for extensibility, and provides a modular post rendering pipeline, flexible permissions system.

Thredded uses i18n throughout and has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), German, Polish, Russian, French, and Spanish.

See it in action

  • Demo forums. The demo is reset daily.
  • See the e-mails sent by Thredded.
  • Sign in as anyone to post, create threads, etc. The only requirement in this demo app is a username.

See the source code on GitHub.